Sunday, December 6, 2015

12/6/2015 Internet site burned

We received this letter from David's former companion.  I didn't know that there was only one internet site on the island.  I think that it could be a while until we hear from him now.  I will publish the snail mail when it gets here. Diane

Last week and we have a transfer, and i am Elder Tiaon being transfer from Nikunau now and i am working in Betio second ward, and Elder Morley being working with Elder Helliot in Nikunau.
But Elder Morley told me to send this mail to you.

But he told me to send a good news about the only place with internet on the island wet up in flame last week. there a snail mail on the way telling you all about it, give my congrets to Rache and Ynow that i had a wonderful day at the time of wedding. I am truely blessed. I love you all.
Merry Christmas, happy new year and have a joy ground hogs day.
Love Elder Morley.

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