Monday, December 7, 2015

12/7/2015 back to Tarawa for stats....

Hi all,
I don't have much time. The Wednesday before last the Government office that is the only place with internet on the island of Nikunau burned down. Ooops! Well lon gstory short I'll be in Tarawa for a few days making sure our stats get in on time.
Nikunau is awesome. We have 23 progressing investigators and the work is just exploding. One investigator's name is Ieremia (Jeremiah). We have been telling him every visit to pray about the Prophet Thomas S Monson and then about new things as new lessons come up. But he is only free on Saturdays, so I've only had a few chances to meet/ teach with him. Well last Saturday he told us that he has been praying every night for the testimony of President MOnson. Last Wednesday he had a dream where he was praying and a man in white appeared to him. The man was floating in the air and Ieremia thought that it was God. But then he looked up and the man had the face of President Monson. He woke up in the morning and asked a dream interpreter what it meant. The dream interpreter said it wasn't a dream, it was a vision (potential investigator?). So our investigator was so excited to tell us about it. So I am so excited to work with him a little more. Now he is reading the Book of Mormon.
Well, I love you all lots. See you after Christmas!
Elder Morley

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