Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hello from Ambo 12/27/2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well, last Monday I was supposed to fly back to Nikunua, but the
flight was delayed. I was so disapointed by it that I couldn't pull
myself together to write a letter. That worked out nicely though because it gave
me the chance to do a surprise Skype with my family. Here they are
thinking that they will have to endure Christmas with no phone call
and then, 'Hello!' So I feel really bad about not being in Nikunau,
but there are positives. After my flight was cancelled last week I
called the airport about 50 times in 3 days to get myself a new
flight, but to no avail. Now it looks like I'll leave first thing next
monday morning Jan. 4.

After the flight didn't go my companion Elder Tonini and I were so
frustrated with going on splits every day (seriously, we had been
comps for over 2 weeks and hadn't taught a single lesson together). So
we visited President and begged for an area. He had already been
planning on splitting the West Zone leaders area in Half this month,
so he gave that area to us. This is cool because that is the area that
I have been working in on splits, so I already know it and love the
people. I'll stay in Ambo until I finally get to leave the island. We
have lots of people that I really love, but I have really enjoyed
teaching one lady in particular. Her name is Ramwaua (it's like a
combimation of Ramen and hour). We started teaching her and she has
been really accepting the lessons. But then we started the Plan of
Salvation and asked her if she has ever pondered the questions where
did I come from? Why am I here? and Where am I going after this life?
before. Every one says no to that question. She said no at first, then
said that actually she has had a question like it before. Throughout
her life, especially right now, she has wondered why she is here. She
feels that her life is too hard and she wonders what she did wrong to
cause it. She has a husband and 3 little children that she doesn't
have the money to feed. SHe feels that she is keeping comandments and
living a good life, but that God must not love her because she can not
feel his love. SHe wonders if it is better if she just dies. Oh, I
almost cried when I heard her laments. But luckily those are the
questions this church is designed to answer. I have had so much fun
answering her questions. But before you give me any credit, I really
didn't do anything, it was all the Holy Ghost and the Words of God. We
felt that we should break up the PoS into 3 lessons, one for each

The first we focused heavily (more so than usual) on Adam
and Eve. We taught how it really was a good thing that they ate the
fruit, because it gave us a chance to come here and have joy. When we
read 2 Nephi 2:25 she laughed, she had never seen the truth of that in
her life. We explained that yes all of the sadness and despair she has
felt in this life came from the Fall, but so has all the happiness she
has felt and the joy she can;t even imagine. Next we taught the
importance of this life, focusing on the Savior. We read Matthew
11:28-30, Come unto me all ye that labor... and I will give you rest.
She looked doubtful, but the combination of that scripture with our
words and the beautiful feeling lead her to say this in her closing
prayer, 'Thank you God for answering my questions [why is my life so
hard? Does God love me? etc.]. My soul is at peace.' Then yesterday we
finished the Plan showing how much happiness our Heavenly Father has
promised for ALL of us. My favorite thing in the world is teaching
lessons. I feel so blessed to help her. Now her Less Active family is
starting to join in and I know she will see Miracles in her life. Soon
I'll go back to Nikunau, but until then I'll 'Give 'em Heaven' here in
Elder Morley

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