Sunday, December 13, 2015

12/13/2015 Tarawa

Hi all!
My companion  had some  medical concerns.
And since there is no reliable way of comunication
from Nikunau we decided, through prayer, to take a 'roadtrip' by
airplane back to Tarawa. I remember my sister's mission and her not
being able to leave her area which was on the other side of the
street, and now I was buying an airplane flight (with cash) for $320.
So, Hi Tarawa! I almost cried leaving that island not knowing when or
if I would be able to get back. So, back to culture shock.
In Tarawa I was miserable. My brand new companion was taken away from
me and given to Elder Carrington. Now I got Elder Carringtons
companion, Elder Tonini from Texas. He has worked a year in Marshalls
and now is here without any MTC language training, so I'll train him,
sorta. When you train here we call it your son. So my son was taken
and I got a strange benjamin button child who is old and good with
culture, but can't talk. Fun! He is awesome and I can't wait to work
with him. Trying to focus on lessons was tough because every time we
heard a concern or met a person all I could think about was Nikunau and
my family and investigators there. I did everything I could to get

We thought that I would be able to get out last Thursday, but
the air Kiribati flight that I flew in on was full flying back. It is
full until the 21st of December. We tried to charter our way out, but
his airplane is getting a yearly inspection and wont be ready until
Wednesday. So I'll probably leave on wednesday, but that was hard to
accept last monday. I prayed, called the airport and even did a
special fast so that I could get out. But my prayer was answered when
I tried the last time to check if there was a space on the flight. I
called the airport the night before 4 times. Our house has no service
so I tried to walk out to the road. I don't wear shoes as much
anymore, so I was standing at the end of our driveway when I started
having the strangest sensation on my feet. It was like I was being
stabbed with dozens of needles. I ran back to the house and found my
legs completely covered in red ants. Hmm. I don't take hints easy, so
I tried again, now with shoes ina different spot. It rings. Rings.
Rings for ages and sound like someone answers, but then the service
dies. SO then I decide to try someplace high. I am so desperate that I
climb up on the ZLs big van and try there. Same thing. It rings.
Rings. Rings for ages and sound like someone answers, but then the
service dies. So I get down and bash my arm into the cement garage
wall. Just another thing telling me, 'No Elder Morley, your work here
isn't done yet." So I went to work the next day and felt awful. So I
prayed super hard and asked for the strength to let go of Nikunau for
a little while and be able to work for real here. After I did that I
was blessed to be able to see how wonderful the work here is. My time
isn't done outie, but I think I would be able work here. Since we were
on splits all week the area exploded. They got so many investigators
and we were able to teach 59 lessons. I love this work and know that I
am where I am supposed to be. I hope you all have a great christmas.
If all goes well, see you in the new year!
Elder Morley

Elder Morley

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