Monday, November 23, 2015


Nikunau is so much awesome. Preaching the Gospel has never been so
much fun. This week everything has continued to progress. Slowly but
surely. Since we've spent so much time finding new investigators we
are now starting to teach them all  of the first lessons. We teach
first about the Godhead and Prayer, then about Prophets and Thomas S
Monson, then about Christ's Church and Joseph Smith. Some times we
combine, but most of the time we break it all up so they can
understand everything. I have loved sharing my testimony of President
Monson basically every day. I have taught about him at least 15 times
since I got here. Every time I teach it, I love it more. The spirit
testifies to me of his Divine Calling even as I testify to others.

Also we have been teaching some people that have callings in their
churches. We have been careful to make sure that it is an uplifting
gospel conversation and not a chance to bible bash. We have been very
successful and I have enjoyed hearing some interesting views from
those of other faiths. In the culture here old men are very respected
and young men aren't given any attention, but since we are religious
leaders they let us in. People have been amazed at our knowledge of
the bible. We have gotten some difficult bible questions about the
Trinity. As I have studied for future discussions (The ministers got
scared so all of our bible discussions didn't last long) I have
received a greater testimony of this gospel. How grateful I am for
Joseph Smith and for having the fullness of restored truth restored to
us in these days. The truth just makes sense and it rings true with
the soul and brings joy. I love this gospel and savor every moment
that I have to share it with these wonderful people. I love you all!
Elder Morley,
P.S. Don't eat to much!

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