Sunday, November 8, 2015

11/8/2015 Nikunau Rocks!

Hi all!
I'm having a great time in the islands. Elder Tiaon and I are working
out tails off and loving every moment of it. We have been receiving new
investigators and seeing miracles. The ward members are awesome and
firmly rooted in the truth. They all have a strong testimony of how
the Lord's Hand came down to make this island ready for Elders to

 First off the house that I live in. It is the house of an old man
named Ivin. He joined the church when the church first got to Kiribati
and all of his kids were baptized then too. They were all really
little and only a few have stayed strong until now. One, his daughter
named Tarawaa, served a mission in Kiribati. She was offered all sorts
of jobs in New Zealand and almost went to school in BYU, but just
didn't feel good about leaving her homeland. So after her mission
finished she came back to her home here in Nikunau. She married here
and helped her husband to get baptized years before the church got
here. She would hold family home evening at her house and after a
while not only just her family came, but another family down the
street that hadn't been baptized yet. She refused to turn from her
religion on an island where her religion didn't exist yet. She would
go back to Tarawa to get her children blessed. They would go to
General Conference in Tarawa and tried to be as active as she could.

 The Elders that first came here back at the begining of the year,
Elder Farley and Elder Seguine, had no home to stay in and had no idea
if they would be accepted here. They got off of the airplane and who
was the 1st person they saw? That lady, Tarawaa. She ran up to meet
them and asked them what they were doing. They said they were going to
work here and she got so excited. She quickly introduced them to the
members of her family. They, just 3 days before, had finished
building a spare house that they were planning to use as a spare space
or guest 'room'. They had also just barely finnished a mwaneaba, kind
of like a gathering hall. They immediately offered up their house for
missionaries, they hadn't even used it yet, and gave the mwaneaba to
be used to church on sundays. One lady had a dream a few weeks earlier
about 2 people in nice clean long pants and white shirts coming off of
the air plane. She saw a light around them and immediately started
running to tell people that Christ's messengers had come. In her dream
she was yelled at by the ministers of other faiths. She told everyone
in the town her dream, and was amazed when it came true just a week or
so later. This island was prepared in so many ways and they all came
together just a few days before so that the Church could come. I love
this work. Things are not easy, but they are exactly as they should be.
I am on the Lord's errand and loving it.
Have a great week!
Elder Morley

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