Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nov. 15, 2015 Tracting on Nikunau

Hello from The Best Island Ever!
The only scrawny white boy on the island of Nikunau is still having a
blast. We've been working our tails off and are starting to see the
fruits of our labors. Last week we tracted into 15 new investigators,
and most of them seem solid. This week we tried something new. We did
it once in Nonouti, and it did alright, but we tried again here and it
was amazing! We went on Splits! Elder Tiaon worked with the Dad in the
house I live in, Teiaba, and I worked with one of our amazing recent
converts, Bill (kindof a rare kiribati name. He aparently has some
irish heritage somehow). Bill was baptized 6 months ago. He was so
scared to go out with us because this church is still mocked on this
island. He was worried that if he was seen with missionaries, biking
down the street in a white shirt and tie he would be laughed at.
Unfortunately he was right. We heard lots of laughs and comments like,
'Look a new Elder!' 'Hi Elder Bill' and less nice ones too. He said
that he was shy at first, and almost back out. But because we prayed
before we started off he was comforted. Before long he didn't care
about their laughs or pay attention to their snide coments. The best
part, proabably my favorite part of this whole week, was teaching with
him. It was his first time, so I taught the whole lesson, then gave
the time to him to bare testimony. We didn't tell him what to say, but
in each of our lessons he shared a brief but powerful version of his
conversion story. It went about like this, About 6 months ago I
started lessons with Elders. I listened to their lessons and followed
their words and prayed about it. I have found the truth and happiness
that doesn't end. I have seen the difference. I used to drink alcohol,
kava, and smoke all the time, but now I don't worry about those
things. I havn't smoked in almost 7 months now. I am happier,
healthier, and less lazy. My wife and I don't fight anymore, whereas
before we almost divorced. I know this church is true and it can help
you too. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Sometimes he would say
more, but it was always full of Power and Truth and all of our
investigators felt it. It strengthened my testimony of the importance
of members in Missionary work. I love this Work. I love this Church,
and know it can help you too.
Elder Morley

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