Sunday, November 15, 2015

11/15/2015 Dear Brethren

My beloved Brethren,
I am writing this letter to you because I need some help. Right now I
am serving a mission in the islands of Kiribati. Right now I am on the
island of Nikunau, a cute little island that takes about 40 minutes to
bike from end to end. This island was opened for missionary work for
the first time at the beginning of the year. There are probably 60ish
people on the island with names on record, that either just joined the
church or were baptized years ago, then moved here where there was no
church, went less active and have little desire to come back. I am the
Branch President on this island with all of the responsibilities that
entails, but also a missionary with all of the responsibilities that
that entails as well. The church here started off well but then
suffered heavy persecution and hasn't quite recovered all the way. So
my concern is two fold. First, church attendance last week on the
island was 30. We hold church in 2 places and the southern location
only had 6 kids attending. The southern location is also where the
majority of our investigators are. That leads me to my 2nd concern.
Since I arrived on the island 18 days ago we have found or received 29
new investigators and I am almost embarrassed to invited them to
church with only kids between the ages of 10-15 attending. I have
chosen to send this letter to all of you because of my deep respect
and friendship with/ for all of you, time is short, so if I have
forgotten anyone, please include them. If you have any suggestions for
reactivation and retention work, please send your responses to me at Currently we are starting a Family Home Evening
in both locations. We plan to start a 'Game Night' in both locations
this week or next. We are doing as much service as we can. We went on
splits yesterday to get active branch members involved. We are doing
the best we can and seeking they Lord's help Always, I just want to
know if you have any advice.
Thank you All,
Elder Morley

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