Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oct. 3, 2014 YEEEEEEEEE....AW

Hey everybody!
This has been another great week! Every morning we have choir practice which is soo fun. We have three main songs that we are working hard on, each with their own challenges and hard parts. I still want you all to watch me sing (so I'm not going to say what the songs are), because it will be incredible. We are singing in the conference center, being broadcasted to the entire world.

There are about 365 of us missionaries in the choir, and it will be super good. Just go to lds.org tomorrow at 6(mountain) or 8 eastern. The opening song is super high. I am a tenor by preference, not ability, so that song is kinda a challenge. I am a second tenor, and it goes up to a high g (at least I'm not a 1st tenor, they go up to a b flat). Kinda an adventure, but we make what ever room we are in ring. The intermediate song is sooo much fun. I believe that I have a new favorite song. It is called I will be Valiant (https://www.lds.org/music/library/childrens-songbook/i-will-be-valiant?lang=eng). It has a great message and is just so peppy. So I'm in a choir, so I won't be bouncing around, but you can imagine it. Plus there is a nice barbershop spot where it gets super fun, su just keep your eyes (ears?) open for that. The last song that we are heavily working on is by far the hardest. The second tenor part is crazy. But when you put all of the parts together it makes me feel like I could jump to the moon or something. It is so powerful. There is a line that says 'in desert, on land, or mountain or on sea.' So if the camera is on me for that part you will see me grin super big on the word sea, because that is where I am going. Definitely to the sea. The only bummer about Choir is that it takes away from my personal/companionship/language study time. Every day I have 3 hours to study the scriptures, grow my testimony, prepare to help investigators, bond with my companions, and learn the language. It really give the day a wonderful start, even though in the moment it seems sorta lame. There is a definite difference without it. But it is totally worth it.
The language is progressing miraculously, even without my study time. But you know, I still make mistakes. One day we were teaching a lesson and were committing this less active member of the church to come to church with us on Sunday. Her family goes, but she doesn't, so we were encouraging her. However my brain short circuited or something. In Kiribati the word for Church is taromauri (tah-ro-[howdy with an m]) but the word for Word of Wisdom is Tuan te mauri (swan tay howdy with an m). Some how instead of asking her to come to church I asked if she would keep the word of wisdom and stop drinking smoking and drinking coffee. I had no idea. Everyone was giving me a funny look. They clarified what I was saying, but it didn't even register that what they had said and what I said were different. So sorta awkward, but every one knew what I meant. I didn't even know that there had been a problem until a while later, so since I was rather oblivious to the weirdness, I just think it is super funny. So hopefully that doesn't happen very often, but it was pretty funny. 
The next was another slip up on my part, but this time in English. I was swiping my card to unlock the door, and the light flashed green, but the door didn't unlock. Complainingly I said, 'Why it sometimes not like me the door?' then I was so confused, like 'why did I just say something and have it not make any sense, where did that come from?' I fixed it to Why does the door sometimes not like me, but I was still super confused. Then I figured out that I was speaking in English using Kiribati grammar. There you always put a personal pronoun in front of the verb ('it') and then have the subject at the end ('the door'). So it was weird, but I love that I am improving enough that the structure is starting to become natural. 
Random sidenote, in weeks 2-4 or so I was having these awful dreams. I would dream in Kiribati and wake up so frustrated because  I would have no idea what anybody said to me. I would catch glimpses but really not know. I don't know if I don't have those dreams anymore because I am now so pro at the language(yeah, probably not) or if I am just so exhausted that I don't even dream anymore(a little more likely).
I can hardly believe that I will be in a completely foreign county in less than a week. We leave in 4 days!! We will arrive on thursday, but somehow that is only 5 days from now... I cannot fathom what lies in store for me but can't wait for the adventure. I will try to send you all emails, but depending on where I am serving that may not be possible. Also I will try not to die (just kidding, that shouldn't be a problem). But you know, depending on what happens, I want all of you to know that I love you. I know that this gospel is true. It has done so many wonderful things for me in my life. I can't wait to share this joy that it has brought me with others. I know that I will be able to help them to be happy, whether for a day or eternity is their choice.
Have a Great Week!
Elder Morley
P.S. I still want to get drawings from you guys, and will try to send a good one back. And if you see me on TV, make sure to wave!
P.P.S Shout out to my Companions Elder Carrington and Elder Buhler!

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