Tuesday, November 11, 2014

August 27, 2014 Day 1 from MTC

Dear Mom and Dad,
Oh, boy.  I just left, but there is so much that I've done and I need to learn.  But, I have finally regained my excitement.  My companions are great.  (I'm so blessed, I get 2!)  The spirit is eternally strong.  I have teachers that speak fluent Kiribati and they use it all the time. The  food is good. I am in the Big Leagues now!  No more practice missions,  I am a set apart missionary.  I can't wait to get started! 

Turns out that being there at 1:00pm was important,  a language class started then.  (We were late.)  But, I don't really remember much from the day anyways, so I didn't really miss much.  Plus, we went over everything they learned yesterday today.  Then we went to a  meeting by the MTC Presidency and their wives.  On of them shared a great scripture:  D & C 31:3.  Basically, Rejoice!  The hour of my mission is here.  That has been my personal feeling this day and a half.  Rejoice!  Everything is great.  Yes there is an adjustment and life isn't easy.  But, the spirit is here so there is no need to worry about anything.

My companions are amazing.  We share a similar work ethic and desire to be obedient.  We were assigned a Senior Companion for the companionship (by name alphabetically).  So my Senior companion is Elder Buhler.  He is from Springville, UT.  He went to the summer semester at BYU and played on the soccer team.  He is into film making and earned top scholar in his school.  He is a deep thinker and always has great insights.  He is also full of love.

My other companion is Elder Carrington, from Layton, UT.  He is a red head.  He doesn't talk much but when he does it is always deep and right on.  He does most sports.  He worries about his teaching skills, but I have no doubts about his ability and spirit.  So tell people that my companions will push me and raise me up and that there is at least one other red head on the islands.

We had a great meeting with the Branch Presidency and their wives.  He basically challenged us to  be perfectly obedient.  He said that there is a big difference between waking up at 630am and 631 am.  We have been getting up at 620am just to be safe.  So far, I have been waking up pretty well, better than my companions.  I just hope that I can make it a habit.

I say that Elder Buhler is full of love because once when we were role playing, I was the investigator and he was supposed to teach me about prayer.  The 1st thing he said, was "Will you Pray?"  I said, "No."  So he said,  "Elder Morley,  I Love You!"  Super bold and straight out.  I was supposed to be a new  investigator so I rejected him.  But since then we have  all striven to learn about and love each other.  When ever somebody is down or anything someone will say or shout, "I love you Elder _____"  Then we smile and move on.  As we do it more it becomes more and more true.

Today was P-day, so we went to the temple.  Oh, I loved it.  It was like a taste of home.  It made me sad that mom wasn't there to stand up and go to the prayer circle with me.

We had to teach an investigator (just one of our teachers)  a 20 min. lesson today and he refused to understand or acknowledge any English.  It is a MTC miracle that we did as well as we did.  We had phrases and questions written from the books that we were given.  We would read what we had then try to respond to his Kiribati and pantomiming.  We didn't always know what either us or Fred was saying but the spirit was there, so we accomplished at least part of our purpose.

We are trying to obey all the rules, but it takes getting used too.  For example this morning the alarm clock didn't work.  Miraculously I woke up at 634 so we still had time to get ready,  but we missed it by 4 minutes.

I am taking the oil pills from Midori (Onguard),  Midori sent me a Dear Elder, I don't know how it works, but I got it in the middle of the day, so I think it is same day delivery.  Anyways, it really made my day.  Just enough to make me smile and keep going.  So you should send me one.  I want to know when the babies have been born.

Life is Great.
Love Elder Morley

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