Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sept. 19, 2014 Oh Boy!

Oh, boy. This language is an adventure. I often get confused by little things like, for example, the personal pronouns. When ever you want to say a sentence like, David went to the MTC, you would say, He went to the MTC David. Which isn't too bad, you just have to turn your mind upside down and remember what you are talking about for a whole sentence (however we talk so slow that that is sometimes easier said than done) The hard part is that the word for I is I but it is said E, the word for he is E but it is said A, and the word for they is A but it is said AH. So I'll say I, but be meaning he, Because I said E because the word was E but the Sound was A. Oh, my,  my mind gets jumbled just thinking about it.

We now teach an investigator without notes every day or so. It's pretty crazy how much we can say with our growing but still very limited knowledge of the language. I have 2 teachers and each pretends to be a different investigator. The hard one's name is Rootan (Row-Tawn). He is a less-active that hasn't been to church for 10 years, because his wife died and he started drinking. But he is an RM, so he knows all of the doctrine and will sometimes quote our scriptures to us, but his testimony is buried deep and it is hard to help him feel it again. He acts very comfortable how he is but we can hardly ask a deeper question then Ko uara (how are you). But I'm excited, the spirit is there every time we teach and I've got an idea how best to continue. Sorry, it's still a secret, I haven't had a chance to talk to my companions about it yet.

Every Tuesday and Sunday I go to Choir. Sunday is the practice day, then on Tuesday we perform for whatever general authority is speaking to us that day. This week we found out that the Tuesday Devotional would be broadcast to some of the other MTC's in the World. Unfortunately this meant that it was even more crowded than usual. Usually it is very crowded to get into the Tuesday night devotional because there are only so many seats. They can only take one section of seats, because the one next over has all of the equipment for broadcasting translation, so all of the Foreign Missionaries have to sit there. Because of this you have to arrive for 5:15 choir at 4:55 at the latest because otherwise you wont be able to get a seat (I know I tried it once). But since it was known that it would be broad cast, even more people wanted to come than usual. We got there at about 4:35 to be safe, but there was already a super big crowd there to sing. And the people didn't stop coming. Pretty soon we were body to body and the people didn't stop coming. It was pretty intense, if possible it was even more intense than 4-Square! The cool thing though is that since we were all stuck there and couldn't really move any part of our body, we just started singing hymns. It was great. I just barely made it even with getting there super early. It was sad, like 200 people had to be turned away.

The devotional was the best ever. Elder Richard G Scott spoke to us. He spoke to us for about 45 min. It was like general conference, but we were closer (didn't even need the projector really) and it was directed exactly towards us as missionaries. I should say me as a missionary, cause it was. It was awesome! I've been working on my personal prayers and that is exactly what he was inspired to speak about. I didn't bring my notes with, so I can't give any direct quotes, but I'll do my best. He talked about 3 main ways that we get answers to prayers. The first is with a yes, usually a feeling of confidence and hope/peace. This one is my favorite, for me I usually feel super excited. The next is harder, when he answers no. He said you will feel unsure and confused-ish (definitely not a direct quote). We need to be able to accept God's will and go with what he wants us to do. It doesn't feel the best in the moment but God knows more than us (or at least me) so it will work out alright. He recommended that we pray asking for our will to be aligned to match his will, then ask for the strength to follow it. The last is the hardest of all. When he with holds an answer. This can be for many reasons. Maybe to help us to walk by faith and to trust him enough to take a step into the metaphorical darkness. But Elder Scott promised us that our Heavenly Father will not leave us in the dark for long, he will help us, but often only after the trail of our faith ( if I have time I'll find the scripture). Right at the end of the talk he left us with an Apostolic Blessing. It had 3 parts with promises. He blessed us that as you pray the lord will indicate what you need to do throughout your mission. This mission will be the foundation for the rest of our life's work (the Branch President's wife added that he didn't limit that promise to only callings in the church. It will be the foundation of our careers as well). And the Lord wants to hear from us and WILL answer our prayers. Then He suggested that we should write down our feelings/promptings immediately, or else we will lose them (Which I can totally testify is true).
I've been getting some sweet art in the mail from my nieces. I now have a cool art wall devoted to the lovely creations of loved ones. I have been so inspired that I have started sending little original Elder Morley's back. I will extend the offer to all of you. If you send me a picture then I will send one back (it might not be immediately, I do have some major time constraints, but I willl try). Maybe you can even send a suggestion of what I should try drawing (remember I only have 5 scripture marking crayons). As always, it's the thought that counts, not necessarily whether or not it deserves to be in the Louvre. 
Have a great week. Everything is great and so rewarding.
Elder Morley
P.S. If you can all do me one last favor. Pray for me to have the Gift of Tongues. If there is anything that the MTC has taught me it is that I need the Lord's help so much. I love this gospel so much!

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