Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nov. 23, 2014 Giving Thanks

Mom and Dad,
Thank you guys for all of the help that you give me,  physically and through prayers. The things that you are thankful for, dad, are pretty much the same as I am. I am thankful for Jesus Christ everyday. Whenever I introduce mom to people I say that she is a saint, and if we didn't need her so much she'd probably have been translated already. I totally believe that is true. And I've noticed that too, I can grasp certain things and learn a lot easier than some others. I was thinking about that when I was hanging my laundry this morning, and a bunch of other times too. I'm thankful that I can learn, because this would be so much harder if I couldn't. Also I see the world differently than others sometimes so that's interesting too. I am also thankful for the Book of Mormon. It is what gives me the strength to be happy everyday. Nephi and I are becoming buds, and I am sad that I will finish his books tomorrow. It teaches me so many things. (I've included some in your letter and one to Steve. So when he gets his (delayed by a week) you can ask him). What day is thanks giving?
I can honestly say that I haven't gagged on food since my first week even though I've eaten fish cooked in a multitude of ways (raw fish is actually pretty good), I've eaten worms (way to chewy to be worth it) and pigs blood soup (If you can get past the fact that it is blood it is really tasty). Really except that one meal,  and sometimes the karewe (the stuff from the coconut tree that they cut and drip from a rope) all the food is good.
I think your scripture study wasn't because I had a super bad day, but more to stock up blessings, study and prayer, for the days that would come. Most days are good, but some have some dark spots. However I am blessed so that there are always bright spots in every day.
I don't know all of the senior couples on the island. One couple just got here a couple weeks ago. There is a single lady nurse here that helps out a bunch. And the Walls are basically the President and wife over Tarawa while President Weir  is away.
Right now I'm using the personal computer of the lady that owns this internet cafe, so I'm going to wrap up and hopefully write a mass email later.
I love you so much!
from Elder Morley

Dear Friends and family,
This week was a record week for church attendance in Betio 3! I've been tracking how many people come by the amount of sacrament is gone. The first week there was 67, then 50 something then the low 40s. But yesterday there was 75! We needed to bless a new tray! And Saturday night I gave a kid my pants (the ones I bought forever ago with my suit) so I really hoped he would come. AND he did! Oh it was a good church meeting!
And the day before we had baptisms (hopefully the picture will come). There were 13 or so baptised. 3 that we taught. I Baptised 5 people all on my first try (even though the names here are really hard). Baptisms are so cool. The spirit is always so strong at a baptism service. I loved being able to do  that work for them and the Lord.
In the MTC our teachers pretended to be the investigators that they taught and loved. We taught Rootan and Fred  at the MTC and then I found out that they are both in my ward. Well I just found out that Fred moved, but I included a picture of Rotan!
I love you all.  Elder Morley

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