Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nov. 16, 2014

Life is great. I did get slightly homesick last Monday, but that was the day that I got packages and letters from home. The Lords timing really is impressive. So since it takes about a month for things to get from wherever you are to wherever I am I've decided that for Christmas I want a letter from you guys. So if you send it this week, I might get it before next year!

This week we had a zone conference where the APs talked Mission President and his wife talked and all of the missionaries leaving bore their testimony and then we had spaghetti and ice cream. It was an incredible time. Afterwards, even though it was never really talked about I was left thinking about our infinite potential. I'm going to give you guys a piece from my journal of that night.

When the missionaries bore their testimonies ' there were sad comments like, 'I'll never be perfect.' I couldn't help but think that that is not true. ... Ever since I was little I have been taught that there is no end to my potential.' Infinity and beyond! ~ Buzz Lightyear 'Some people say that the sky is the limit, but I say the sky is just the begining' ~ Probably somebody important. '

My parents have always taught me that if I want something and am willing to work for it than there is no reason that it shouldn't happen.' The lord is infinitely powerful see Moses 1:30; 1:33-35 for some examples. and we have the ability to be like him. This life is here to prepare and the next we can do all the things that he has done. He did all of his incredible things for one purpose, us. Everything he does is for us. One of the reasons that I love Nephi so much is that he can see that picture. The Lord asked him to do something so Nephi knows that it is possible. (Compare the attitudes from the last verse in 1 Nephi 3 to the first verse in chapter 4) 
SO I actually wrote 3 pages, but sending the pictures took a long time. I only have a minute left.
I love you all so much, Have a great week!

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