Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oct. 5, 2014 Singing in General Conference

Dear Mom and Dad,
I will write about singing in General Conference last night.

Those in the choir watched the 1rst session, then ran off to lunch, then got inspected to see if we looked all right, then we were bussed to the Conference Center.  We went to the auditorium.  When we walked in Elder Oaks was on the screen, but at the end of his talk much to our chagrin, they turned off the sound.  Then we rehearsed for a good hour and a half.  Then we got a box lunch and went into the actual conference center room.

I've been in there before, but never from that angle.  Everyone just stopped and stared.  I've never had my jaw actually drop.  I was like that for a good 1/2 hour, then I heard Mary Poppins in my head,  "Close your mouth,  We are not a codfish."  Chastened, I tried to keep my mouth respectable.  It was like being a minnow in a very large fish tank, or an ant inside a basket ball.  Sooooo huge.  Then the pipe Organ started playing.  It literally vibrated my body.  When we rehearsed in there, Bro. Egget said that the ratio was a good 360 of us to 800 angels.   Well, I'm pretty sure that when we performed for real the ratio was much bigger.  Closer to 360 of us to 2000 angels.  It was the best we have ever done.  Believe it or not, it was even cooler than when I sang in the Tabernacle with the All State Choir.  There isn't the after glow, but the pipes are so powerful.   I guess the big difference is the circumstances.  Here I am a missionary, singing missionary songs in a choir full of missionaries all singing with all their might, praises to our Savior, our God and King in Geveral Conerence in front of the world.

Every time we stood up to sing, I was grinning ear to ear,  but our director told us to have long vowels, so if my face looked conflicted that is why.

When I first found out that I was going to sing in Conference I started thinking about how cool it would be to be on TV and have all of my friends and family see me.  So I almost prayed for me to be on camera because that would be so cool.  Then I stopped because it was such a bad reason to pray for anything.  Then our directors talked about how our faces could bear testimony to those who see them and I know that Kiribati will watch Conference this weekend.  So I started praying that I would be able to help those in Kiribati through my face singing in Genereal Conerence.  The Lord has already started to answer my prayer and I'm excited to see how he will  help the rest to work out.  There is such power in music and I loved that I could share my testimony in this way.

Would you please share my conference story with everybody.
Elder Morley

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