Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 22, 2016 Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Well, you guys might not know yet but...It's my Birthday! Just wait
for time change to catch us up! I've been a branch president for a
year and now I'm finally 20! The birthday party was great. A friend
killed his pig for us, everyone briought dishes to share and the girls
prepared dances and we brought everyone together to party! We call it
fellowshipping/ward unifying time, but it was fun. The hardest partt
was the cake. We tried to buy a cake, but everyone fell through.
Miraculously we were able to find some eggs to make a cake (we've been
trying for weeks). We've tried catching chickens, then we enlisted the
kids in town to catch us some and we payed them with coke, but they
haven;t gotten eggs yet. SO then an investigator randomly had some and
was able to gather 6 together. So then we started making the cake on
saturday morning and every step took five, (ex, recipe askes for 1 cup
milk, send person to store, they search in 3 stores before they find
the last powdered milk on island, wash cup, pump well water to clean
cup, scoop rain water take milk and stir). The best part was when we
found out that the eggs were fertilized. But after a 4 hour adventure
we had some really good CAKE! I made frosting out of sweetened
condensed milk and hot chocolate, with m&ms for decoration. Everyone
loved it. It was great day and It is always fun to see the ward
together having fun.
I won't go into details, but I just want to say that heavenly father
answers prayers. This week we were faced with a large problem in the
branch. I called together all the members of the branch in town for a
ward council. I knew that my words would be very important in helping
resolve the problems. I ran around making sure everything was going
well and making sure that everyone got some personal time with the
Elders. I didn't stop running from 6:15am to 5, then I worked again
til 8:30pm, but right before everyone arrived I had a small break.
Everyone ws busy, and Elder Miller had gone to the bathroom. It was
9:30 and I plopped down to get some much wanted personal study time. I
grabbed my Book of Mormon, but I had a strong feeling that I needed to
say another prayer. I almost pushed it off, I'd been doing a lot of
praying that morning, but in the end I said a kneeling vocal prayer,
my first in a while. In the midst of my prayer I asked for the gift of
speaking with power and authority like Ether, Moroni, and Alma. I
prayed for the gift of discernment and of wisdom like Solomon. I
prayed for the gift of following the voice and promptings of the Holy
Ghost like Nephi and for many other things. Throughout that morning
and through the rest of the day I was able to clearly see the answer
of my prayer. I can't say what I said (and if I did you wouldn't
understand them anyways), but I acted and spoke in a way that I have
never done in my life. In our ward council there were many tears shed
and a great outpouring of the spirit. I after the biggest excitement
of the morning was done I went to the restroom and felt again that I
needed to say a prayer. I started crying as I prayed in gratitude for
the goodness and grace of the Lord in answering the prayer of my
heart. I love this work and KNOW that Heavenly Father answers our
prayers. I love you all!
Elder Morley


  1. This is truly a beautiful experience. I am now inspired to be able to pray like this when I need to. Thank you for sharing.

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