Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016 Birthday gift giving

This has been ( I bet you could guess what I'm going to say)
a great week!
I love this island, even though the work here is kind of tough. For my
birthday mom asked me what I wanted, and I said that I wanted things
that I could give a way. She went above and beyond my request and sent
me 4 jars of jam. Elder Miller and I were so excited to see the
raspberry jam. Jam is about the best thing to put on bread ever
invented. It is so sweet and American, but Raspberry! Woah, that's
some good stuff. However I was humbled when I read the note attached
telling me tthat it was for me to copy the minister in 'The Other Side
of Heaven' and give it away. So I mustered a little courage and wrote
a note and decided which 4 ministers would be best to give the jam to.
In the note I talked about how I had just turned 20 and that I wanted
to give this gift as a symbol of good will between us. I gave the
gifts to the minister in our town (she just said ok and we awkwardly
left), the minister that yelled at us last month (she said 'thanks'
and we left), the minister that yelled at me back in march (that was
this morning. he had us sit down and gave us a drink, then we left and
came to internet), and the minister that yelled at elders last year
(he's actually Mormon, so we were pleased when he wished me a happy
birthday). I sure get to do new things outside of my comfort zone all
the time. It so scary every time, but I just felt so happy every time
when it was done. I hope they accept the gift and that they understand
that we really do have no hard feelings against them.
I gave away one last gift last week, but this one was better than them
all. We were preparing our investigator Nukai for baptism. All he had
to do was not smoke for a few more days and he would be out of the
addiction and ready for baptism this Saturday. We went to his house
and we were happy to see him biking there at the same time. We started
walking into the house with him and to our surprise the minister,
Kaitiiti, came motorcycling up at the same time. Nukai ran away and we
had a nice chat with Kaitiiti. This is the first minister that has
allowed us to have a coherent conversation. He didn't want to offend
but was not please by what we were doing. He reminded us that there is
one 1 religion allowed in that town and asked us to never come back.
We talked about it for a while. He kept on bringing up the differences
between our church and at one point started talking about the Book of
Mormon. I know that Elder Miller has a strong testimony of that book,
and is somewhat protective towards it. So when I saw that he was
pulling off his back pack I knew that he was going to give the
minister a book. In the end of our chat we made an agreement that
essentially we would keep doing our work in all of the houses that
welcome us and that he would keep doing his. Plus I was able to give
away a birthday gift. I told Kaitiiti that I had been giving gifts
away to ministers and told him that I wanted to give him something
that I held very dear. I gave him a Book of Mormon with the same
goodwill wishes. He commited to reading it and we parted ways. I am so
greatful for the chance that I have had to stand for my testimony and
to give him a book that I cherish. I know that if he will read it with
real intent its power will flow into his life and he will be blessed.
I love this church.
Elder Morley
P.S. Oh yeah! After 7 or so months on Nikunau I'm getting transferred
next Monday, so if I'm not on don't worry. I'll be a zone leader with
Elder Tiaon.


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