Sunday, July 3, 2016

07/03/2016 from Tarawa

Hi all! 
This has been another great week. The work here in Tarawa is so cool. Last week the Primary President came to us and told us that she has a bunch of children who haven;t been baptized yet that are all super excited to be baptized. She gave us a list of 8 names of children who are older than 8 who haven't been baptized and this week we went out to find them. Well, she wasn't joking about them being super excited. We found one of the houses during a rescue activity where we went and visited people who were less active. The man of the house said that he wants his son to be baptised. We said ok, and set a time for the next day. When we arrived children started running from all over shouting "Elders Elders, a roko Elders!" I've seen this reaction before (it's actually quite common), but what I've never seen before was that all the kids wanted to take lessons. Only 2 of the 6 were over 8, but all happily sat through a lesson. When we came back there were 3 more kids (only 1 was over 8). The coolest thing, they all came to church!
I really enjoy sundays on Tarawa. Back on Nonouti and in Nikunau they were the most stressful day of the week. Now I just wake up, and have study time until 9:30 where we pack up and drive 4 minutes to church and sit through 3 ours of church. We answer questions and feel the spirit and people ask  US if we can eat dinner in their house.The only problem is that there are loads of Less Actives. In all reality less active work is not the missionaries job. We come and we go and our efforts often are wasted. I'm so excited to go home and just be a great home teacher. 
The missionaries before Tiaon and I didn't work very hard. (one was super trunky and the other one got sent home for illness). So we are picking up the work here, but we should have a few baptisms before I leave. I love this work and relish every minute of my time here. Have a great week!
Elder Morley

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