Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 29, 2016

Hi all!
This has been another great week. We currently have 2 golden
investigators preparing for baptism in the next few weeks. Their names
are Kooreta and Nouoo. They are neighbors and live within walking
distance of our house (they're practically our neighbors too). They
started taking lessons at different times and for different reasons,
but both have progressed beyond belief. Kooreta's house is used as a
meeting place for the Protestant church, so when we first invited her
to church she was awfly shy about it, and didn't seem to hopeful. That
same day we taught the first getting to know you lesson to Nouoo. We
commited her to prayer and that's all. To our suprise they came to
church, both fellowshipped by someone in the ward. Now they fellowship
eachother and are completely accepted into the ward. We started with
them in the first few weeks of May, and they should be baptised on the
11th. It is so incredible to me that when domeone is ready and
honestly searching for the truth, they convert themselves. The rest of
our investigators we have been working with them for months and just
pleading with them to pray. Or helping them to quit smoking. I am
blessed so much more than I deserve. I love this work and the fact
that I have been allowed to stay on this island for just a little bit
longer (pretty crazy when you realize that I got here back in
October!).I love you all!
Elder Morley

Have you read Justin's email? This is what I said in response:
Hey Justin!
eh hem...
Salutations Elder Bouck!
It's been so long since I've written. I thought pets weren't allowed
for missionaries! Poor Trevor. We made an exception to that rule to
get a chicken. But he wasn't a pet. He was being raised for the
slaughter. His name is Sweet 'n Sour. Turned out to be a pretty great
name because that bird has some sass. It slept on a little stick
sticking out of my 3 walled hut, until it got too big last week. We
were going to kill it for my birthday, but the family liked it too
much. So it is now the House Bird. you've heard of watch dogs, well
sweet 'n sour is a watch bird. During church yesterday he clawed the
face of a stray dog and chased it away. Not a pet, it's now a monster
that lives in the neighborhood! The work is going great here. I hope
all is well you you as well.
Elder Morley
P.S. That was no exaggeration, I'm understating that monstrosity.

That bird is actually very domesticated, just has a lot of
personality. Tame with a temper. He drives the house crazy, but is so
funny that they can't get rid of him. But after it was sure that we
weren't going to kill him, I made him find a new place to sleep. He is
no longer my bird. But Elder Miller has 2 hens that he is trying to
teach to lay eggs. He hates the idea of having a pet on a mission, but
he REALLY wants some eggs, so now they sleep on the other side of the
house. But really these birds just take care of themselves, we just
rent out the corner of our stick hut. If we actually had walls it
would be a bigger deal, but as it is I don't worry about it much.

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