Sunday, May 15, 2016


I'll give a brief summary and then respond to mom's long letter.
Wednesday we were invited to a party in Tabutoa. That town claims
only 1 religion (the same one that we tracted the week before). We
were invited and the ministers weren't pleased, but they couldn't do
anything about it. It was basically an afterbirth baby shower, where
all the guests are old men and ministers. I felt like I was in a
meeting of the sanhedrin. I gave the baby some pictures of Jesus and a
minister tried to make fun of me (he failed).

Thursday we went to visit our one investigator found from last weeks
tracting of Tabutoa and we got 'visited' by a minister again. This is
the 4th time this has happened to me on my mission. It's getting old.
We had a nice chat and Elder Miller bore a powerful testimony to them.
We're on good terms with the investigator and we'll tract the rest of
the houses in town this week.

Friday we were working and got word that we were wanted to talk on the
CV radio with our parents in America. We thought somebody had died.
After a lot of suspense it was just Elder Smith calling to say hello
from Marshalls. I gave him some strong words in my email, but I'm glad
every one is all right (how's grandma morley by the way?)

Sunday we had a nice church session and day with the members until one
of our lessactive members came to the house drunk shouting for his
wife to get him some food. She didn't go because she was afraid she
would get beaten. She is now trying to run away to Tarawa.
We were able to rescue one member before he went less active and have
done some fun services.

We have 20 youth and 6 are active. There are 80-90 members on island
and current average church attendance has dropped from 42 to 40.
Elder Miller's language is improving slowly and surely.
I'm to young for this job, but we'll have a big birthday party this week.
I need a nap.
Elder Morley

Dave you are being stretched and hopefully after the stretching you will see the growth and look back with joy at how the Lord is working with you.  It is hard for us as parents to get just tidbits of information and not feel for your pain.  Your letter was very helpful in giving more information showing us that your growing and maturing.  We are concerned that the lack of leader support that most missionaries get in Zone and mission conferences and interviews with the president has been a detriment to you but at the same time we are extremely pleased with your growth.  Your current mood seem to be trending towards the last months on your previous island.  Your getting tired inside and out.  Pour out you soul to your Heavenly Father like Joseph did in the Liberty Jail and I am sure the Lord will fill you with His Love and renew your energy.  Your an amazing young man, don't forget it or let it go to your head.
Love dad

Mom's note:  He says that the medicine hasn't really seemed to change anything, but he says that the Lord is helping him carry the 'weight' of the illness, it is more the 'weight' of being the branch pres and seeing people fall away and have trials that is feeling very heavy right now.


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