Monday, May 9, 2016

We were able to skype last night with Elder Morley, although the sound was poor and we couldn't use video for most of it. We found out that he believes that he has a parasite and has probably had it for a while because his pants won't stay on anymore. Thank goodness for Elder Buhler's belt that he gave him in the mtc smile emoticon We found out that he has given away 2 pairs of extra shoes that he has and then his one pair wore out so he is using Elder Miller's crocs. I think that he now has Elder Smith's watch, Elder Miller's shoes and Elder Buhler's belt. That goodness for other mothers in his life.
It saddened me that he was sick, because I could even hear it in his voice. He sounded tired, and besides the normal time delay there were tired pauses. I asked him to reach out to the main island for medicine. I hope that he does and that he receives it soon. The good news is that they have had food. It is a miracle, but ever since Elder Miller arrived the cargo ships have had food on them.
After our call he and Elder Miller were going to go try to build a chicken coop so that they could catch a hen and get an egg so that they can have birthday cake when their birthdays come. Elder Miller's is on May 22 and Elder Morley's is on May 23 and the anniversary of the first baptism on the island was on May 23, so they plan to have a celebration. They are hopeful that Pres. Weir will come soon and make a branch on their island. They have enough priesthood holders now for a branch, and D. was hopeful that he could stay there long enough to help train the new branch pres.
His main email talks about the persecution that people get from the island ministers if they even listen to the Mormon Missionaries, and also the island children even give persecution to the mormon children when they join the church. He feels very sad that the people must sacrifice so much to hear their words, but they press forward sharing the gospel.
David's new comp. Elder Miller is recently from the US, and it sounded like they had a god rapport with each other.

Happy Mothers Day!
This island is very religiously active. I'm starting to understand the
kind of confusion that Joseph Smith faced. Here on the walls of
classrooms are lists stating the name and religion of each child.
Every party is started in prayer. There is a required seminary hour in
all schools. Those things are nation wide, but on Nikunau a kid will
be seen talking with us and all the other children will make fun of
him. We'll visit a house, and the people have to let us in (it's
culture), but then they'll be yelled at by their minister for talking
to us. 
In one town we set up a volleyball net and let anyone who
wanted to play. The entire town came over so all the town elders got
mad and didn't let anyone use it. With such opposition in some towns
we decided that the best thing to do would be to tract the entire town
in a day. We've done it to 2 towns now. The towns here are pretty
small, with only 20-30 houses, so we decided that once a town starts
to raise persecution against our members or investigators we just
tract the whole town. The first we did was Nikumanu. We set aside the
day and started from the north and worked south. We were able to meet
2/3 of the town and got 2 new investigators from it. that was 2 or
three weeks ago now. Last friday we did the same thing in Tabutoa. We
started from the south and tried to meet every house. Unfortunately a
lot of people weren't home, so we skipped 6 houses and the first house
we met let us in. It looked like a retirement home, the first man we
talked to enjoyed talking about our different beliefs and that was
all, but then another old man came over and tried to bible bash. He
failed. I know my bible way too well for that, he gave me a verse, I
politely answered his question, then gave him a verse. He flowdered
and so we shook hands and left on good terms. We had time for one more
house, and that man welcomed us in and really seemed like he was
searching for truth. We have a time with him for this week. I love to
see the things that happen when we are bold and have faith in heavenly
father's protecting hand. I love this work and know that it is true. I
love being able to help the church grow on this island.
I love you all and have a great day!
Elder Morley

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