Monday, March 7, 2016

03/07/16 Please send Marriage authority!

Hi mom!
I'm here, but since it is a work day I don't have long. If you are
there maybe we can chat for a little bit. But I have a large bubuti
(request) for you. Ages ago, back in Nonouti I sent a letter home that
had a paper giving me the authority to do marriage in Nonouti. can you
scan it in and send it to me asap? I'm going to try to do a marriage
next Saturday!

I got it! Thanks! I'll tell you if they let me do the marriage! News
from here is great! We had 50 at church with 11 investigators! It was
a great fast sunday.

I'm always happy and heathy. The little sores in my mouth are
completely healed. We are planning a miracle baptism for the 19th. All
is so good.

 We do not know when, but we feel a branch is soon. Thanks! I can do
marriage, no prob. They just forgot to tell me. We are planning on
doing a big ward activity. Marriage first, then baptism, then Party!
Next Saturday. I'm sorry I don't have time today, we need to go to
work, but I love you lots and thank you so much for the help!

Elder Morley

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