Sunday, February 28, 2016


Hello All!
This has been a great week full of new investigators and more! But
first new investigators. We have a few that could be considered
'Golden'. The first is a 14 year old boy named Ate (It looks like a
word we know, but don't be fooled! say aah-tay). We got his family as
a referral in our bipolar town. It is full of either strong Mormons,
or strong Protestants. However, it sounds like the strong protestants
are starting to come around. Anyhow, the parents want their kids to
get baptized because they figure we can 'fix' their awful disobedient
children. The parents enjoy listening and are curious but have thus
far denied any attachment (don't worry, all in time). Any how this
kid, Ate, has been doing all sorts of drugs and alcohol but one day
got it in his head that he wanted to be Mormon. So now he's come to
church twice and while at church saw a Book of Mormon and asked for
one because he had seen members with it and wanted to read it. He is
the most excited kid I have ever met, and he's only excited because he
thinks this church and anything to do with it. On our 3rd meeting with
him he said that he had prayed about our Church and new it was true!
Another new investigator we got on Saturday. Her name is Abinoa (like
Abby + Noah = this 12 year old girl). She had a few lessons a few
years ago, but then moved and was forced to stop. But since then she
has had a testimony. She recently moved to the island and has come to
Every single activity that we have had since she got here. She will
probably be baptized in a few weeks. The last super cool one is a guy
name Teema (Tay -May). His wife is a RM that works as a school
teacher. The way that teachers work here is that ever 3-4 years they
are told to move to a new location and are provided housing there. So
for the past 8ish years he has lived on an island that only recognizes
the Protestant Church as a religion. Any other is not allowed. But
there he met his wife, and at the beginning of this school year they
moved here. Now that they are here and settled he and his wife, Maua,
come to church together. yesterday at church she told us that she
wants her husband to have lessons. We asked if he wants lessons, and
he nodded. Then she said that it would be good if we came over every
day so he could be baptized fast. We looked questioningly at him and
he gave us a double thumbs up and a grin. We haven't taught him yet,
but I don't think it'll take long before he will be baptized too. We
also had 2 guys that showed up at our house one day with broken bikes.
As they were fixing their bikes they casually asked for lessons.
They're pretty cool too. So as far as work, it's going well! The
branch is also doing well in the midst of opposition. We are excited
for the things that are going to happen here. All is well!
I love you all!
Elder Morley

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