Sunday, February 21, 2016


Hello Everyone!
How are you all this week. This week has been full of miracles and
blessings of the Spirit. We have been getting new investigators that
are really solid and we are very excited to start working with them.
Also the Branch in the town where we live in is progressing very well
and I joy in their successes. However, unfortunately even as we have
been trying even harder to help the church in the second town where we
have church, our members have been faltering. However, that is not the
purpose of this email. I want to testify that the Holy Ghost is real
and can guide us to fulfil the Father's Will. Last Saturday and a few
other days this week, have started poorly. People not living up to
their potential or being bullied from the truth by leaders of other
faiths. We have wanted so badly to help those who have faltered to
come back to the truth. One example is an investigator named Tabeti.
She received a testimony of this church very early on in her lessons.
I even looked at her as a Golden Investigator. But then we went to
Tarawa. When we came back, she still had the feeling that the Church
was true, but the things of this world had pulled her away from it and
made her Afraid. Since then, giving her a new baptisimal date has been
tough. She didn't want to accept one. We thought about it and felt
that we should ask her if she still wanted to have lessons. When we
got there however I felt that I should give the time to Elder Tonini.
He asked her about smoking and then gave a perfect lesson exactly to
her needs. While we were teaching I had the thought, 'I am greatful
for a companion that can speak by the power of the Holy Ghost.' By the
end of his brief lesson she was almost in tears and the Spirit was
strong. He ran out of things to say, so I took the time and felt that
I should extend to her a baptismal date, and was led to know how best to
extend it. She accepted. The same thing happened earlier that day,
when we extended a date to a lady who refused to progress or accept
any commitments just a few weeks earlier. I led a lesson about faith
and small and simple means and  then we extended her the same date.
She accepted. The same happened that night. We have been struggling to
connect with the youth of that town and on our way home were planning
to remind one lady about church when I was almost literally directed
to a different house. The only one home was one of our young men that
turned 14 in January and I have wanted to get him the Priesthood ever
since. He has been going less active, but invited us in. We had a
beautiful lesson with him and invited him to receive the Priesthood.
He accepted and came to church the next day (I'll interview him and
he'll probably become a Teacher this week). We just felt so blessed to
be able to be guided to a few souls that day who needed our help, then
to be guided to how we could best help them. I love this Church and
this Work so much. I know it is true.
Elder Morley

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