Sunday, February 7, 2016

2/7/2016 Teaching to all Languages

Last week we had nothing planned for pday.
To make it worse it was raining. I was going stir crazy, so we grabbed
the slingshot that E Farley left and sneaked into the forest to make
some trouble. Lots of trees definitely died in our target practice.
Hehe. But since it was raining we got covered in mud running down the
forest paths, so ran into the ocean to wash up. We did not swim, but
we did get some nice Little Mermaid pics. We got back, it was now
dark, but we wanted to wash the salt water off. So we decided that the
fastest way would be just to splash each other with buckets. A wet
exchange later we retired to our buia with everyone laughing. Good
random fun.

Sorry no letter last week. I wrote a super quality one, but for some
reason the internet died on the split second that I sent it, and I
lost everything... This week I want to write about language wonders.
The First is my comp Elder Tonini. He had no MTC training, he had no
nothn. He came off of the airplane with 2 words Mauri- Hello, and
Tiabo- goodbye. That was November 29. Now it is just starting into
February and his language is almost better than mine. last week he
taught an amazing sunday school lesson in any language, let alone one
that he has had very under qualified teachers for. So yeah, that is
the first language wonder of the world.

The second is our investigator Nei Bao. She is a 60+ year old woman
that is deaf and dumb. While we were exiled to Tarawa for a month,
back in December, she was invited to church and decided to come. She
loves the church and the members love her. She has been keeping all of
the commandments since she was a kid and loves coming to all
activities. A week or so ago we decided that we should start teaching
her, because she is practically a member as it is. We asked President
Weir and he told us that she still needed the lessons and an interview
before baptism. We have taught her the basic gospel lessons, and her
baptism is scheduled for Saturday! the language wonder is that we have
been able to teach her anything. We teach full lessons using made up
sign language and mouthing the words so that hopefully she'll lip read
them. A special shout out to the Gospel Art book! That thing is a
miracle. Nei Bao's family says that she understands us perfectly. I
love this work and the Gift of Tongues, for it is definitely true,
even if we are using a very different way to speak. I am happy and
healthy as always and am in the best place on earth! (second to the

Other news. We bought a very large pig, and may start raising a
chicken for food. We are preparing for the March 30 1 year mark party
and all is well.<
Elder Morley

Will you kill and cook the pig or let the locals do it?  (mike)

Naw, the pig is already 4 feet long give or take, but we'll raise the

Um, we will need 4+ strong men to kill it, but I'm good at preparing
it for cooking. The actual cooking is womens work.<

It took us ages to get that picture. It was so much fun!<

No letters yet. But They are bound to be close. I love you both so
much. Have a great week!

Love to read your notes.  I can sense your fun happy attitude.  Keep it up.  I love you very much,  (mike)

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