Wednesday, March 23, 2016

received March 23, written March 14, 2016

I'm so sorry that the internet died last Monday right before I was
able to send my mass letter. The internet just barely started working
again, but we need to work now, really we just got on to send stats.
Holiday on Monday, so we'll try to get on next Tuesday. Love you so
much. I'm happy and healthy enjoy my last weeks letter!

So uh, this is March 14 and the internet just died again. Hopefully
this gets to you someday.

Sorry about the lack of mass letters, this week almost didn't get one
either. so here's a quick update. I got a bunch of letters.(I had sent them back in January)  I got the
one from Uncle Paul that had yours and midori's in it. I got one about
Uncle Paul. I got the one about you packing my Christmas package, and
a few others. I got lots of pictures and lots of love (they sent them
to us ages ago, but they went sight seeing in Beru first.)

The main focus of this week was preparing our 5 investigators for
baptism. We had to make marriage things work out, and teach loads of
lessons to make sure that everyone was in the right place. We are so
excited. This Saturday we are planning a marriage (with a really
handsome redheaded marriage officer) and a 5 person baptism and ward
picnic. We will be baptizing Ruoi and his (almost) wife, Maomao. They
were some of the first people on island to accept elders, but they
couldn't get married because he had to be divorced first. They have
been soo ready for so long and it will be amazing to finally help them
get baptized. We will be baptizing another who first accepted elders a
year ago when they first arrived. Rotabo has been that one
investigator that you only keep on meeting because you have no body
else to meet. We love going to her house, but ran out of lessons for
her since she has not once progressed since last June (that's an
estimation). So we gave her the dreaded drop lesson. We gave her one
last chance and now she is the most incredibly active progressing
investigator. I don't know what we said, but the Holy ghost has been
working hard!

We also have 2 investigators that we have only taught 5
lessons each so far. One is a 12 year old girl named Abinoa (Borenga's
little sister). SHe came to this island a little before February and
we didn't really do anything. Talk about guys not taking subtle hints,
but she had come to every single branch activity for a month before it
crossed our heards that we should lesson with her. We were about to
ask her, but then Borenga asked us when she would be baptized. aka
'Hello Elders Teach My Sister!' So we taught her and found out that he
had had lessons over a year ago, but they never finished, but she has
had a testimony for a long time. Since she was already converted we
are putting her into the first baptism since we started teaching her.
Only 5 lessons, but she was part of one of the best and easiest
baptismal interviews I've ever given (granted I've only given 4).

Lastly but definitely not least we will be baptizing the Man, Teema.
His wife is a RM. They have been living on an island that only accepts
one religion for the past 8 years. But now that there is the church on
this island his wife wants him to be baptized. She told us to teach
him lessons, she even said to teach them every day so he could be
baptized faster. We looked at him and he gave us a double thumbs up.
He's a stud. So yeah, we've only taught him 5 lessons, but he was
converted by his wife years ago. If all goes well he'll have the
priesthood on sunday! I love this work. The Lord is truly hastening
his work!
Elder Morley

The baptism was great and the marriage was beautiful.
Have a great week until my Tuesday,
Elder Morley

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