Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 29, 2016

We didn't actually get a letter this week, but I asked him a few questions.

 David, are you still on?  This is your celebration day right? Hope it is a good one.

Hello! I'm alive (but very wet). I'm happy and healthy. The party is
pushed to Saturday so that kids can get to bed on time for school.
How's America? Guess what! Transfers!

Did Pres. Weir come?
No. He still hasn't told us when he's coming. Someday soon. How was Easter?

When are you going to talk about transfers? You have our curiosity up.
Hehe. I get another son! His name is rumored to be Elder Miller. I
found out 5 minutes ago. He comes on Monday. Tonini is going to Makin.
Yikes! Crazy stuff and only 5 days away! Poor Miller. This island has
no food or toilet paper. I already told Zone Leaders, but he may have
a rough few weeks.

That is awesome.  We will hope that he brings TP with him and flour. 
Are people starting to be hungry?  When do you expect another cargo ship.
How was Easter?

This week was hard because For me the whole island
(literally at least 90%) was in their separate mwaneabas (church houses) celebrating
Easter since Thursday. There was NO BODY TO TEACH. It was rough. But I
got lots of Study time! I ready 70+ pages in Jesus the Christ about
the Savior's last few days. I also read a lot of other easter centered
things. Church was great.  The entire island was crammed into 2 spots. One for Catholics and
one for Protestants.

So will Tonini still be there for the celebration?
  Tonini will be here for the party. It will become
his going away party which we predicted 2 months ago, then combined
Church for Fast and Testimony meeting, then bye bye sniffle sniffle.

We got flour this morning (Miracle!). People are starting to be
hungry, but I am not. My food is getting more traditional, but I am
still very well fed. I enjoy it. I feel bad for the new Elder.

Every missionary has one companion that they really click with.  I am so happy that you have had this time with Elder Tonini.  Your new companion will need some tlc to overcome the culture shock.  I am sure you will do great and with those members on fire it will certainly help.
It should be great. I know how to train better this time. He is coming
to the best place in the world and has nothing to worry about.

You didn't reply about the food.
Sorry, food (rice) only just ran out, so they are figuring things out. I need
to go quick, so this will be my last letter.   They are
finding flour and rice. They got a bag of flour this morning, but they
have no sugar to cook with. Yesterday we had fried fish, and a taro
like root. We drink rain water. This morning we had a sweet bread like
thing made with flour pandanus fruit and coconut all boiled together.
When we do seminary the teachers usually have some rice for us. Life
is good. I love you all. Have a great week. I'll try to get on on
Monday. BYE!

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