Sunday, September 6, 2015

Aug. 30, 2015 One Year Mark

This has been a great week for of progress and miracles. I just
remembered while sitting here that I hit my 4 month mark on this
island and my 1 year mark on a mission this past week. The time goes
far too fast. It's driving me crazy. There is really just not enough

There is always lots to say, but in the interest of time I'll talk
about just one person. There is a little boy named _____.He
is 11 years old and lives with his grand parents. His grandma,
_____, is super faithful in the church and does everything to help
her grandchildren that live with her. His grandpa, is paralyzed and only has small control of his head,
arms, and speech. _______'s problem is that he is addicted to smoking.
He can smoke the equivalent of a pack a day, but he also really wants
to be baptized. This life has been rough on him. We decided long ago
that the goal for him was not really baptism, that can happen at any
time in the future. The goal for him is to save his future. He doesn't
go to school, and his life will be very short both because of

We have been working with him for months. He can quit for a
few days, then gets bored and goes back. However this week, Elder Vaai
was prompted to ask what his dreams for the future are. He wants to be
a pilot, basically the highest goal for any Kiribati person (almost
as crazy as me being an astronaut, but just as possible if he works
for it.) We told him that if he wants to be a pilot he will need to
quit smoking and go to school. This was the first time that when he
said, I'll quit, that it really seemed like he meant it! I love him
like a little brother and his grandmother like a grandmother. We
consistently go to their house to do service. We helped rebuild their
house, whenever we get food given to us that we won't have time to
cook or eat we give it to them. 

This small but constant help has
helped ______ as well. He can't move, but he is very strong willed. He
had the protestant ministers visit him every sunday, but last week he
told us (through ______) that he wants to be Mormon again. So
yesterday we were blessed with the opportunity to bring the Sacrament
to this  man and his family that couldn't come to church. I love
this work and the time it gives me to work with so many choice
children of our Heavenly Father. I am greatful for my time to serve
Him here in Nonouti, I wouldn't give this time away for anything in
the world. I love it SO much. I hope this next year goes slow and
gives me the chance to help and love many more people. I love you ALL!
Elder Morley
P.S. Can you send me inspirational stories, I want to encourage this
kid all I can!

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