Sunday, September 27, 2015


I'm alive and well, but starting to get worn down from this island. I
hit 5 months here tomorrow. I can't wait to attend sacrament that
isn't run be me. Yesterday was my first time not giving a talk in
sacrament in 5 months. The only awkward part was that Nobody gave
talks... Life is good

Sorry, the internet didn't work last week. The internet operator, the
one that turns it on, didn't come into work because it was raining and
she was cold. It's actually a really common problem and the reason why
church stats are low on rainy days. I could've turned on the internet
myself, but it is a government office and sometimes they are touchy
about those things.
This has been a good week. This week we started a youth program up
again. There used to be tons of youth in this branch, but their Elder
left and they all went inactive because their play buddy left. We
focused on strengthening the adults and the kids just kinda got pushed
under the rug. Now the adults are doing alright so we decided to
reincorporate the kids. It is hard because we run literally every
portion of the missionary, and branch work, but we felt it was time.
So we went and invited all of the kids to church. They were all
excited and happy to come. I prayed super hard all week for it to not
rain so that they wouldn't need that trial of their faith this first
week. I can't pray for that every week, but just this once, for the
kids, I felt it was alright. I had complete faith that my prayer would
be answered and it was. (unfortunately I forgot about sunscreen, so I'm
super burnt now... I just never learn) The only problem was that the
truck for the south and the majority of our youth didn't come. But we
had a few. It started with 3, then 4, maybe next week 10+. This week
always starts slow. Just like an avalanche. One pebble dropping then 2
then a flood. Or even maybe like a stone cut out of the mountain with
out hands. This is the Lords work and we should all feel blessed to be
a part of it. To work hard, but also to watch and learn. I love you
Elder Morley
P.S. My watch died yesterday. I am now the only white person on an
island with at tops 30 working clocks. Fun stuff. (This is not an
invite to send me stuff, I'll find one soon)

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