Sunday, August 23, 2015

Elder Morley performs a wedding and has a healing 8/23/2015

This has been another great week full of miracles. The first cool note
of notice is that I Elder Morley, performed my first marriage. A few
weeks ago we were asking the Clerk in the government office here if
she was available to do Edward's (the guy whose kids were baptized a
few weeks ago) marriage. She said she was, but why don't I do it
myself. I asked what she meant and she said, ' didn't you know, a
notice just came in that you have the authority to do marriages on
this island.'

So Last Wednesday Edward and his wife were finally
married by yours truly. It was fun. I felt so official reading the
marriage prayer put out by the church in Handbook #1. Marriage is such
a beautiful thing, it was cool to see how they tried to make it
similar to the temple sealing which is the most beautiful thing on
earth. It was simple and nice. I was so pleased to be able to first
baptize his children, then marry him and his wife. I am greatful that
I have been able to work so closely with this family that I love.

 The biggest miracle of this week happened last Friday. Mom sent me
some oatmeal, so I planned to make it for breakfast. But I spent the
morning writing in my journal catching up, so ran out of time to make
a fire to boil the water. I saw our neighbor cooking and asked her to
help me out. Pretty quick she had a nice pot of happily boiling water
for my sugary American breakfast. I brought over a big bowl to carry
the water back, but as I was walking back to my 'house' I got stupid.
My thoughts were occupied with the nice treat I was about to have. I
walked fast and the water spilled a little on my left hand. Now, I
know the proper thing to do is to freeze and the water will calm and
no harm will come. But as  I said I was distracted. I jerked my hand
so it splashed on my right hand, so I dropped the bowl and boiling
water splashed all over my face. Ooops... Man it hurt. I felt like 2
face, one half fine, the other half quickly turned bright red with
burns. I quickly dunked my head in cold water and left it there for 20
minutes. When ever it wasn't in the water it hurt so bad and I could
just imagine the long term effects of having a burn over my right eye,
cheek, and nose. Long story short, I asked Elder Vaai for a blessing
and in his infinite wisdom and love Heavenly Father saw fit to answer
my prayer sooner than later. By noon my face was completely healed. No
pain, hardly a remnant. I testify that Heavenly Father loves and cares
for each of us and will bless us in our times of trouble and peace. I
love this work.
Love ,
Elder Morley

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