Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Aug. 10, 2015

Internet died yesterday... We'll try another Tuesday morning this

 All's well here. Love!
You've been asking for what I could use for a package. I know you
won't like it, but I'm just a little too practical. As for what would
be nice (as usual all wants not needs):
Screwdriver (Phillips and flat)
Lectures on Faith by Joseph Smith
Beef Jerky for Elder Vaai
Gospel Art Book (mine is deteriorated after the rain and the mission is out)
Calendar book Planner like Elder Smith's
Pictures of Temples and Jesus  to give away so that members can have pictures in their homes
Tooth brush and tooth paste
One of the captain Moroni figurines in my room (I believe they belong
to nate, but he hasn't taken them yet I think)
Battery Powered alarm clock, my watch is quiet. My body is pretty well
trained, but wake up still varies   so a little more
precision would be nice

Did you know that you raised a missionary. The entire way of life is
entirely lived in our home. Bed time, work ethic, scripture study,
music, and more are completely natural and fun to me.  
Elder Vaai is also a  hard worker. He came from Betio where
he was getting 40-50 lessons a week and want to achieve it here. He is
a good leader and we will do great work together.

(It seems that the internet wasn't doing well this week either, because this is all we received.  But enough to know that he is well.)

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