Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Aug. 3, 2015

Sorry I didn't get on for internet yesterday. Apparently it was Youth
Day which is a national holiday and they didn't tell anyone. Even the
parents didn't know that there was no school. I don't have much time
now, but I wanted to tell you both that I love you. Thank you for
giving me your weekly updates. The School Reunion sounds awesome. 
Mom you are the best cook ever, I envy those present. Whenever people ask
what my favorite food is or my favorite restaurant I tell them that I
just miss mommy's cookin! Dad, I think I'm maturing enough to be able
to enjoy the tractor pull with you next year (actually probably the
year after). Too bad the power went out in the whole county, but it
sounds like it was worth it.

This has been a great week. I was slightly disapointed to find out
that I will again be the Junior Companion, I really look forward to
the day that I get to lead.  read the scripture (D&C 31) written to
 David Whitmer telling him to
fear God more than Man. So I looked for more scriptures to David
Whitmer, I believe in D&C 14 it says that David is called to assist,
and that if he does well in that calling he will receive Eternal Life.
It seems that I have been called to assist. to lead from the sidelines
and to be a counselor. To help the leaders. It's not the place that I
necesarily hoped for but it is the place that the Lord wants me to be
in so I am happy to be here!
I love you both and pray for you often. Keep up the good work!

It's been a great week. Elder Vaai is great and we are all healthy. I
started dance lessons yesterday with one of the best dancers/teacers
in the country! Lots of rain, thanks for the rain coats, they help
every day. Lots of love from here.
Elder Morley 

Hey Folks,
This has been a great week getting to know Elder Vaai and showing him
around the island. He's Samoan by heritage, but grew up in Australia,
but his family used Samoan culture, so he' s got a fun mix in him. He
played rugby and apparently was super good, he's also a great story
teller. He started his mission in an island (Tabiteuea North) where
they still are super strong in using the old culture (not many islands
still have that). So he has kept it and uses the old kiribati culture
with people that have lost a lot of their culture, it's interesting to
see and learn from. It's like going in someones house and using
manners that you would only use in front of a king.

Yesterday was one of he best fast sundays I've had in this country.
The rain was falling so for anyone to get to church they had to get in
the back of a truck with no roof on a super rough road (the truck
doesn't have shocks either). also half of the people rode in a car
that died 4 times. So we were just chilling in the rain waiting for
the driver to fix it (I think the carberator was broken, or something
like that). But because it was so hard, only the most faithful saints
came, and lots of them bore pure testimony. The Spirit was so strong
and I loved seeing the growth in my small group of saints.
I know this church is the only true and living church on the earth. I
love the work here and sharing my testimony to all of the people on
this island. I love you all!
Elder Morley

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