Monday, April 4, 2016

1 year anniversary of church celebration 04/03/2016

Sorry I haven't written in a little while. Life's been crazy, crazy
Awesome. but crazy.
Any how,

Hey all,
We've been asking for weeks if there was transfer news. We knew that
it was about time for one of us to go, but hadn't heard a thing
(Except for a rumor from Elder Tiaon through a letter to a member a
month ago). The internet hadn't been working well, very on and off. We
tried to get on every day and finally were able to see our mail on
Wednesday March 30.  They finally told us that Elder Tonini would be
transferring to Makin today, April 3. Thanks for the advanced notice!
(sarcasm) 6 days is a lot. But the funny thing is that since our
internet was so bad, they didn't trust the message to get to us. So
they sent out an announcement on national radio asking everyone to
tell Elder Tonini to get on the plane on Monday. Must've been an
important transfer to go out on National News!

This last Saturday while all of you were hopefully enjoying general
conference I was having a party. We were celebrating the one year mark
of the Church on this island. Elders Farley and Seguine landed on
Nikunau on March 30 2015. Time flies when you're having fun! We were
also having a farewell party for Elder Tonini. It was a great day. We
hired a truck and picked up all of the members and investigators on
the island. We do this often, but this time most of our people
Actually Came! We had 70 or so people gathered together to party. I
bought a pig a while back, so  at night our members got together
to kill it and put it in the freezer over night so they could just
wake up and start cooking. Unfortunately my pig was too big for the
freezer... Incredibly they cooked it up in the morning and made
loads of different dishes and were completely finished by 1. 

Mom, you should really share notes with these guys! It was so good. We invited
the most respected people in town to our party. Unfortunately the
Ministers from the Catholic and Protestant faiths declined. But we did
have 3 old men! It was great to see everyone together hand having fun.
The next day  was fast Sunday. We did the same island pick up, but this time
we were having church and we were all fasting, aka no food. So, nobody
came. But also one of the old men on the island died the night before,
so most of the island's population was attending the funeral, so I
don't really blame them for not coming. 

Our fast was a little disrupted because everyone wanted their personal farewell party and
everyone fed us, but it was so nice to see the people so very sad to see Elder Tonini
go. He was only on island for 3 months, but he definitely made an
impact for the good. That night we had one last gathering as a unit
with the members that are closest to our house. We shared a nice meal
(left over pig made into soups) and all gave our last toast to our
Elder. There were tears shed. This morning we woke up and fixed up the
house and bikes for the new Elder. Elder Miller Flew in at 10 this
morning. Elder Tonini and I had 4 good months together and it was sad to see
him go, but I am excited to train this brand new Elder from America.
Elder Miller is from Alaska and he is excited to work hard and grow to
love the culture. Wish us luck, but even better remember us in your
prayers. I love you all!

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