Monday, April 11, 2016


Elder Miller is doing impressively well. I'm amazed. Literally 100% of
everything here is at least a little bit different from America, but
he's taking it well. This week I was a little chastised by the Lord
again... I always have more lessons to learn.

 Ok. So here goes. I'll give you an abridged version.
When we were yelled at by the minister that hurt me more than I
expected. I am not very good at getting yelled at (I guess I just
don't have all that much practice :)) but more important I hated
seeing the look of fear in the eyes of those people. I am here to
share the Good News of the restored gospel a message that is supposed
to help everyone, and here it is getting people punished. So That
chastisement wasn't very strong, but I came to realize that my faith
in finding and contacting our investigators was dwindling.

So I did lots of study in the scriptures and found great verses in
Mormon 8 & 9 about the church going forth in the latter days. I read
D&C 3:3 about the Lords Work not being frustrated. I read Matthew 13
about the parable of the mustard seed. I read Acts 5 about Peter and
the apostles being called by the Sanhedrin for preaching the name of
Jesus Christ and them saying 'It is better to obey God than to obey
men.' I also read that particularly meaningful verse in D&C 30:1(1-4).
I was chastised and as a result I went back to see the man that we got
yelled at for visiting and said sorry, he invited us back into his
house, and this week we will start visiting him again.
On Saturday I
finally figured out the message and I was able to see and feel the
Greatness of the Lord's Work when you work in faith nothing doubting.

So, it makes you feel afraid that if you teach someone the gospel that they will get hurt for their beliefs later? and you don't want them to get hurt? Mom
Pretty much yeah. I don't want anyone to be put in trouble for me
innocently going about my work. The lesson was that in all reality this
isn't MY work, so I need to keep on doing the things that the Lord
tells me to do and trust him to do his part. If the people get
chastised for our coming that is just a piece of the price that you
have to pay to take upon you the name of Jesus Christ. If they are
willing to pay it, it is our Responsibility to continue to visit them
no matter the cost.
We are proud of you David.   I hope you wrote that experience into your journal  Mom

 What did Alma and Amulek do after they were forced to watch women and children cast into the fire?  Why did Alma not fight back at the very moment?  This is the Lord's work and we must go forth with FAITH using His power  to the convincing of all those who will listen.  Opposition is to be expected so please don't shrink from it, use it a s a motivator to work harder because the people need the truth taught to them.  I hated to see the protesters at the conference center during General Conference.  They were good at invoking feelings of anger.  That is exactly what Satan wants.  Love is the only real answer and you have the only true gospel of Jesus Christ so do all within your power to get that message across to those good people.  They deserve to hear the truth and to make their own choice of which voice they will listen to.
I love you son,

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