Sunday, January 17, 2016

1/17/2016 Please send bread

Seems like the island is still out of food.....  Requesting bread to be mailed by airplane so that they will have something to bless for the sacrament.  He is healthy and well,  what more could we ask for....... and we got to hear from him, even though briefly.

Hi mom,
I have no time. I'm healthy and well and am having lots of fun here on
Nikunau. Can you please forward this letter to Elder Jenks for me?  He
is the new Senior couple.

Hi Elder Jenks,
Thank you for sending those packages last week. The work here on
Nikunau is going great. I just want to tell you what happened to that
letter that you sent here back when I first arrived in Tarawa. It
arrived here and Teiaba, the man that it was addressed to, thought
that it was a certificate for him. He recognized that it had the same
paper as the packages that we receive, but this was addressed to him.
He thought that it must mean that he was supposed to be an Elder too.
He placed it in his store and showed off his 'certificate' to
everyone. The next day another member came and asked about it and said
that there must be something inside of the two pieces of cardboard
inside. So they opened it up and found the letter. He still is so
proud of his certificate and keeps it in his store. Included is him
holding it. We have one request. Could you send us a loaf of bread
every Thursday for a few weeks? The island is out of flour making
sacrament difficult, Once a new shipment of flour comes or anything
else that could be blessed we will tell you. This would help our
church significantly. Thank you so much for all you your help to us
and to everyone.
Elder Tonini and Elder Morley

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