Sunday, January 10, 2016

1/10/2016 An unexpected hello!

(1rst letter is the family letter.  2nd letter he calls the 'mass email.'

I made it to Nikunau!
So, uh, funny story. They got the internet to work!
Thanks so much for everything that you got for us for Christmas. It
was INCREDIBLE! I now have a mini Christus Nativity Christmas Tree,
and Lights in my house, (and a brand ne w camera that I forgot to use
to take a picture of the pretty setup). You guys are so cool. We got
here last monday right in time for FHE. I used FHE to give away loads
of gifts. Stuff you gave us, stuff I had, etc. It was so much fun and
everyone had a great time. We are spending loads of time reading. We
read the daily quote books from the prophets every day. Elder Tonini
finished Pres Monson's book in 3 days (it was way good. I'm going slow
to stretch out the fun). He says thank you all the time.
I'm here, but my computer is hard to type with.
 My Christmas
this year was on  Monday January 4. It was one of the best of my life.
Thank you for the stocking notes from all the people of my life. I
loved it. Dad wrote an awesome note.
The letters from the missionary book you compiled is incredible. 
We are at the Gov office on somebodies laptop.  The camera is
incredible. I use it lots to make up for all the pictures I lost. I
love you lots. Got to go.
Elder Morley

Hello all from the happy island of Nikunau!!
So incredibly enough, the satellite disk that they use for internet
was not damaged in the massive fire that burnt down the internet
place. So this means that if we can borrow someone's laptop, we can
get onto the internet! It's a christmas Miracle!
Restarting the work here has been easy in some ways, hard in others,
but I am so happy to be here. I only have 5 minutes so I'll be fast.
Elder Tonini's language is incredible. We can't believe that he has
only been learning for 1ish month. He had no MTC time. He can talk
with the members here for hours, but if you ask him what any word
means he will have no idea. It is truly a miracle. I love talking with
the members about him and individually alot of them have said to me,'
It must be the Holy Ghost' They have no word for the Gift of Tongues
but that is what they mean. Heavenly Father Loves us and gives us
blessings in all aspects of life. Thank you all for the christmas
wishes. I had the best Christmas of my life on January 4. I love you
all. Have a Great week!

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