Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 7, 2015 Happy Mother's Day

Wow, I thought mother's Day was later in the Month! Golly time flies
when the weather never changes and you are totally disconnected from
the world! Life is good.
Well, now I'm in Nonouti. It is pronounced 'No nose" and all of the
other islands make fun of them for not having noses. The work is very
good here. It struggled for a little while, but both of us are
determined to make it turn around for the better. Our goal is 50
lessons a week and within a month to be up to 70. It is just so hard
because everyone wants to feed us and talk to us, and we want to too,
but there is never time. There are too many people that want to hear
the gospel and we are working of finding a good way to meet with them
all 2 times a week so that they can progress. We still don't know how
it will work, but I enjoy the challenge. I love the work here and my
time with Elder Smith. The people here are wonderful, I get sooo much
food, but it is too much fun to complain.
Sorry, we don't have any time and I need to get back to work
Elder Morley

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