Sunday, May 24, 2015

April 28, 2015

Howdy Ho!
So, life is crazy as usual. I'll try to send my last weeks letter as a
snail mail, or maybe as a mass letter next week. Basically last Monday
I sent a letter to president strongly asking him if  I could stay in
Abaiang. Then Thursday night I found out I was leaving for Nonouti to
be working with Elder Smith (he says Hello and that he loves you all).
I figured I had a week or two, but then Saturday night I found out
that I would leave Tuesday morning. I told 2 of our areas and the
worked it out with each other for me to have 2 parties on Monday. So I
didn't get time then.

 Last week while we were walking to the islet, Ribono, Elder Davis and
I starting making goals, our vision for the island. We finally have
the ability to go to church every week in Tabontebike to strengthen
them. The entire branch presidency is in stages of inactivety. If we
don't go there, church literally doesn't happen. but we just worked
things out so that we could spend more time there and strengthen them.
I was so excited to see the progression and watch the hand of the Lord
in the live of these people. In the Borotiam unit 54 people came to
church last week with (including us_ 10 melchezidek priesthood holders
there and 9 investigators. They are so ready to become a branch. There
are 5 potential priesthood holders as well. Also Elder Davis has made
a goal to start a unit in Ribono and one other town. We have been
getting investigators from towns all over the island now so that seems
very possible. The work is exploding there, we are no longer limited
by just the 3 towns, but now I'm excited to be here.
Elder Morley

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