Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dec. 14, 2014

This has been a crazy week.
First off I love the simple faith of the people here. One day this week, while on splits, we went to a house to confirm our dinner for the next day. While there they offered us a drink (and pretty much it would be super rude to say no). But then they realised that they didn't have any preboiled water. My companions said, that's fine we'll just bless it! So that's what we did. They gave us a nice jug of sugar water (side note, that's the most common drink we get here. It's not bad, the only sugar they have is closer to brown sugar than our white granulated stuff, but diabetes is a problem...) and we said a fervent blessing it and my imatong (white man) bowels. They were absolutely sure that there would be no problem. Which there wasn't. I had super bad diarrhea, and some stomach fun (see Jeremiah 4:19) but it stopped as soon as we went out to work. When ever I was with people teachin there was not a problem. Their faith is so great.

A couple of days ago I got an invitation to go to a dinner with the President of Kiribati. Aparently every year or so and American ambassador comes and all of the americans on the island (probably only 10 actually on Tarawa) get to go and have dinner with him. So tonight I get to go to the State House and meet the president. That should be cool. Maybe I'll get a new investigator too!

Last night we had a Stake Priesthood meeting and since I was the only white missionary in the room, Pres. Weir asked me to translate for him. I told him that I am probably the least qualified person in the room, but he said that we would just struggle together. And struggle we did. It was hard because for some of the talks I literally only understood words here and there, so I had a general idea of what was going on, but no idea how to put that into english words. Plus everytime I would restructure the words to english I would have to disconnect from what was said so that by the time I figured out what to tell pres...  (Pres. Weir).
I translated, and as time went on it got better. I learned that I have progressed lots with the language and it was lots of fun. My language is coming and the Lord helps me lots every day.
I love you all!
Elder David Morley

(To Mike and I)
I get mail slowly but surely. This week I got 3 packages from you guys. One with presents, one with stockings, and one with headlights. 2 had a big notes on them that no more mail will be sent from the Marshalls which you know. Am I allowed to open anything yet? I opened the small 3" pictures and the candy canes. Thanks! now I have a perfect small gift to give to those around me. Everyone loves american candy and Christ!
I also got a package from Mason and Sarah that somehow had three letters from mom in it all postmarked SLC on the 12 of November I think...   I am very aware that I don't have many physical trials right now, more the emotional type. But God only gives me what I can handle. I firmly believe that I was given an easy spot to live so that I wouldn't break down with a tough companion. God loves me, probably more than I deserve!
  Transfers is on Thursday, but I don't know who my companion is. But I am 85% sure that I will stay in Betio! We'll see, I'm sorta scared, but excited at the same time. We'll see how it goes...

The Walls are in charge of all packages. They don't live in the town with the post office, and they are in a different zone from me. So delays are to be expected, but like everything else I have complete faith that they will get to me when I need it and can use it.

The Walls are pretty much the Mission President while he's on a different island/country. They take care of most everything.
Do you have any ideas for the celery or the spaghetti sauce? They don't have spaghetti noodles (though I might start using ramen noodles)

Do you pray for my teeth, I have never brushed or flossed so consistently in my life!

I got everything from Sarah that was on the customs paper. Tell people I'm sorry about my time cutting out. I really don't have any time now.
I love you all so much, and if the 3:00pm time on christmas works somebody will probably let you know.

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