Monday, December 29, 2014

12/28/2014 Happy New Year

Yep, I'll be in the first country to welcome the new year, ya'll shold be jealous. Except that it will probably feel the same, and be before I wake up anyways.

Before I start I want to say sorry for last week's email.  I forgot that poop is a very not allowed subject in America. Here it is just very casual. Members ask me all the time if I have bekanako or not. Bekanako literally means 'poop go' so basically it's no big deal if your poo goes and you have diareah. Sorry. The important part of that email was the last paragraph. read it again, it is still so true.

Oh my this week has been crazy. So first off I'm not in Abaiang. I was supposed to get transfered there last Saturday. Check in to the Airport was at 3:40pm. So we got there at 2:50 and they told us that the airplane had just left 10 minutes before.... Oh I was so sad. But as of friday there is a new transfer so they switched stuff around and the only one without a companion was Elder Fausett the Zone Leader, so now I'm with him and am a sorta zone leader. I'll be going to Abaiang on Thursday if all goes well. That is the soonest flight. I say I'm an almost zone leader because usually ZL's get to drive and stuff, but since I'm just a filler for a few days I have been denied the privlege of getting a drivers license. Which I complain about but really it should be nice because the roads here are aweful. Usually they're alright, but it's sorta rain season right now so they have more potholes than usual and a lot of the road workers are from Australia and they went home for the holidays. But it should still be fun.

Ah stink. My computer was broken so I was delayed an hour behind everybody else and the new intake just came in four days early, so I, the Zone leader, have to go pick them up. SO lets see how much I can say about last week in my last few minutes. So um actually, I had to write president instead. SO I'm sorry, but I had a wonderful christmas! I hope you guys did too!
Elder Morley

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