Sunday, July 5, 2015


The other day I asked a Kiribati person if he knew what a lightning
bolt was and he had no idea. Maybe it doesn't happen here without much
to hit. But every now and then we get a good thunderstorm. The good
ones have thunder that shakes the earth and lightning that lights the
sky (but never a streak, just a burst of light)

Church was rough yesterday because we had very few real testimonies.
Also the car for everyone to come to church on the northern part of
the island forgot to mention that the driver would be attending a
party on the time that we hired the car for, so none of them (20+)
could come to church. Even so we had 54 attendance, so the church is
growing. President flew in at 1 (We were almost glad he missed church)
and left again at 3 but he was able to strengthen our struggling
saints and give Elder Smith and I interviews. It was so wonderful and
refreshing to see him again. I also saw Elder Fausett who I worked
with for a week at the end of a rough time.

Ethan Putnam's mom is very humble, but she is one of the best kie (Key
A it is the woven mat that Howard showed us, they use them for
everything) weavers on the island. She is making me one for a gift
before she leave for Tarawa. She is one of my favorite people on the

Nope, no fish today. Sometimes we go fishing for service and give all
the fish away to old couples. We did that the Thursday before last,
but that was the last time I went.

President asked which of my areas was my favorite so far and I said
Abaiang. He agreed that that was a special island and we talked about
the work there for a bit. I loved talking with president. 

One story because I have low time and maybe you can compile a mass letter.
Here in Kiribati things are pretty chill. Unless you go to one of the
few big stores on Tarawa most shopping is done from a window where a
person helps you get your things. Then sometimes people start stores
in their own houses that just have rice sugar and a few other things
that they bought in bulk and are selling. One day last week we needed
to buy 2lbs of rice and sugar to give to an old widower in our branch.
We went to one such 'in home store' to buy it, except that this one
happened to be in a Catholic church building. The man giving us our
stuff was very friendly. Most Catholics aren't very friendly to us,
but this gentleman invited us in, pulled up a 'chair' (woven mat same
difference) and had us sit down. Then got our things and offered us a
drink. We had a little open time so we took the opportunity and talked
for a bit. Then shared pictures of family and talked about family and
his daughter who wants to serve a mission. We were in a religious
building of another faith so we felt uncomfortable asking him for
lessons, but kept it very open and friendly. We plan to follow up and
see if he wants lessons tomorrow, but I just loved that the most
pleasant shopping experience of my life could be made into a
proselyting experience. I love this work and the kindness and love of
the people in this country. I love you lots and KNOW that this work is
true. Have a great week and birthday.

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