Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hey Everybody!
How's life up north? It has been really rainy here. Nothing like a cyclone, but still wet. The rain and our constant bike problems has made the work hard, but it is still going strong. This week I ate some Mantis Shrimp, which was tastey. Kinda like lobster, but sweeter and easier to get at the meat. Right now Elder Davis and I are a bit swamped with work. We have 4 areas that all need our help and work, but only 6 days to do it all in. Plus travel time is hard to be able to go everywhere and meet with all of our people. It is a really cool situation. We have so much to do that it can't all get done, it is hard, but we are so blessed here. 
Right now Arenteiti and Tirawa are really close to being ready for baptism. Both of them started out really strong and then started to falter for a while. But after much prayer and effort we can see that they are almost ready. I have noticed something interesting with Arenteiti. I have heard that once people hear the gospel their countenance changes. I have seen this a little, it happened with Tiwini and with some other investigators, but never as clear as with Arenteiti. When she first started she hated missionaries and the church and her face was dark. It naturally fell into a frown. But then she heard and accepted our message. She started reading and praying and her face lightened. It literally changed to be smiling all the time. But then she faced some persecution and had a hard time at home, and I could see that there was a problem before she told us. It turns out she had stopped praying and reading. But then we helped her and challenged her and she started again. Immediately her face was back. She laughs and smiles all the time again. It is so incredible to me that this gospel is so true it even can change how you look to the better. I have already seen this change in her husband. He went from normal to having Santa Claus eyes that twinkle with a grin. It's a silly explanation but it is as close as I could find. The gospel is True.

Recently we have started teaching Tiwini's wife and youngest son. They used to be anti-mormon but have had their hearts softened so much. Every time we teach them we get the feeling that they know everything we say before we teach them. I think that Tiiwini has taught them everything that he learned as he learned it.Also in our first lesson we asked them to pray to get their own testimony. Then when we followed up they both said that they knew that this church was true. They have already accepted the truth we just need to teach them the doctrine so that they can be baptized. I love seeing how one man can make such a huge difference in his family.

I am now working with Elder Davis. He has been out for over a year now. It is so nice to be with someone so experienced and ready to answer and deal with all of the problems and situations that we are put into. He is really big on all of the missionary things that I have been excited for all of my life. He wants to be exactly obedient. We follow the culture and do a lot of the things that people want us to do, but obedience is the first priority. Elder Miller and I tried to make it like that, but got too scared of people. Now my focus is better. 
He also refuses to let a lesson fall into routine. Teaching lessons the same way every time is so easy here, but he doesn't want that to happen. So we teach by the spirit constantly switching back and forth in our lessons. It is so hard, but so fun. We also actively try to receive revelation for our investigators to best help them to improve and progress. Also he is a super hard worker. we set really high goals but they are still achievable because he is willing to work for them. From him I am learning how to teach by and follow the spirit, how to be more afraid of God than Man, and how to work. It is so fun, but a challenge everyday. I love this work and these people.
Have a great week preparing for Easter and General Conference!
Elder Morley

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